Growing Pains: When Reading Trumps Shopping

Today, I realized that something really strange has happened to me. I don’t know when it initially began, but I do know that I caught wind of it today. It went something like this: I parked my car, walked down the street of busy shoppers and retail stores, walked into Barnes and Noble, stayed an hour, bought a book, walked to my car, and drove back home. For many this is an ordinary trip to B&N, but let me insert the part I didn’t mention. After getting out of the car I easily walked past H&M, Forever 21, Apple, Dots Cupcakes, and multiple stores that once secured my attention. And this was third to B&N since the month started. It was once I got home that I realized I had overlooked my favorite pastime of shopping to go to the bookstore. With a confused look on my face I thought, “What the hell just happened?”

I decided to take a look at my room and saw a major shift from how I used to be to today. I now have more books that I voluntarily purchased (right) than shoes to wear to the club. My magazine stacks of 944 and Cosmopolitan have been replaced with Success and Advertising Age. My DVR is full of National Geographic documentaries and interviews instead of episodes of Project Runway and The Game. And instead of chatting with friends I’m highlighting points in books more than ever before. There’s been a drastic change in the type of information I take in and I don’t know why I wasn’t I informed earlier. My only conclusion to the change is that I am no longer interested in the novelties of what was once my every day and that I’m devoting more time to teach myself new things. Not a bad thing at all, but when you understand that I used to spend all my free time at the mall to now spending all my free time at Barnes & Noble it does kind of come as a shock.

While I do love this unexpected hobby of mine, I can’t help but wonder if I’m getting old or if I’m finally making better use my brain. More importantly, has this happened to you? If so, did it come as a major shock for you as well? Deep down, I don’t see this slowing down so I pray it’s simply a sign that I’m thinking more and challenging things rigorously. However, if it’s really stage one of getting old, then I might as well invest in a rocking chair, bifocals, and a couple of cats. Hopefully it’s not because I really don’t like cats.

Bookshelf Image: Danielle Salmon


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