If you clicked on this page it’s either because you had nothing else to do, you wanted to know why I have a blog, or the title was so intriguing your mouse had to click it–I’m hoping for the second or at least the latter. Let me explain why I have a blog.

I’m delving into this whole internet writing because I want to have a digital presence and a place where I write about the things that interest me without a 140 or 420 character constraint. It’s important that I create a hub where I can put all my thoughts, creative, photos and videos and chronicle it for myself and others to check out. Additionally, I want to increase my writing skills and my knowledge of certain topics and what better way to do it than to write about it? So the blog is born!

There isn’t going to be a strict structure to what’s put here, but the common topics will be about:

  •    Marketing and Advertising
  •    Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  •    Consulting
  •    Music and Concerts
  •    Food and Restaurants
  •    Art

….in no particular order of course.

As things come up I’ll have my opinion and I hope you share yours whether it agrees or disagrees with my own. And please expect various fish references; I lived with this name for too long so I get to throw it out whenever I want.

That’s the gist, the nutshell, and that’s about it.

Let’s go fishing…but not for salmon.


1 Response to “fishy behavior.”

  1. September 16, 2011 at 7:28 AM

    Followed you over from The Blog Zone. Love the site AND your attitude and yes…I followed the link because I couldn’t resist the title…I’m like that. lol Come over and visit my places sometimes also (and we could use your LIKE on our FB page since we’re just getting it started! http://www.facebook.com/crystaladoptions

    Blog: Anita Goodidea – http://anitagoodidea.hubpages.com/ (similar to yours – general topics I like)
    Blog: Adoption Advice – http://deewaltz.hubpages.com/
    Book prep Blog: Laughing at the Storms; life in a large family – http://laughingatthestorms.blogspot.com/

    Wonderful to “meet” you! Hope to talk with you more soon!

    PS. Are you also on Twitter? I’ll follow you there!

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