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Fat Fat Attack: Hook Burger

I recently asked my Facebook followers the question if you had one thing to eat for the rest of your life what you would chose. If you thought like me, the assumption would be responses like “pizza” or “filet mignon”. Instead, my awesome followers said good old “salmon”…eh, and a chameleon too. While they’ll live on fish and reptiles, if I had the choice it would be cheeseburgers—and maybe a Hook Burger.

My friend Ajay and I caught wind of a new burger joint and I really dig it. Hook Burger, founded by Brent and Bruce Reichard, is the sister restaurant to The Habit. The difference between The Habit and Hook Burger is that Hook Burger is a bistro inspired restaurant with quick casual dining prices. Their tag, “fine dining in a bun” hits it right on the head. The food oozes of quality, freshness, and pure delicousness (yeah I made that up) and it’s all at a reasonable price. If you think the restaurant sells only beef burgers and fries think again. You can get chicken sandwiches, tuna melts, salad, coleslaw, onion rings, beer, and wine. I got the Prime Burger with sweet potato fires (right). It was so good, juicy, full of flavor, and the fries were amazing! I absolutely loved it. Plus the employees are so cool and nice it doesn’t feel like you’re in restaurant. Even better is that the atmosphere of the spot has an open and relaxing vibe that you don’t feel the need to leave immediately when you finish. Currently they have locations in Oxnard and Burbank, and are opening a spot in Pasadena. If you have the chance to go to the bistro, I highly recommend it. The food is good, the staff is great, and the setup is perfect especially with summer coming up. If you haven’t done so already try it out for yourself, you just might get hooked!

Hook Burger image: Danielle Salmon


Wimpy (South Africa) Makes Burgers with a Message

I love cheeseburgers to death. If I were given one item to eat for the rest of my life it would be a cheeseburger. Whether it’s In-N-Out or Umami I need a burger in my life at least once a week to feel satisfied. So anytime I hear something about a burger or a burger company I get somewhat excited. That was a lie, I get really excited. My excitement hit a high note when I saw the initiative that was created for Wimpy in South Africa. The U.K. based fast food company got its start back in Chicago in the 1930s and has grown to having locations across the world including over 500 franchised restaurants in South Africa since 1967. To ideate something unique, they went to 3 year old agency MetropolitanRepublic Johannesburg. Led by creative director Wes Phelan, the agency created “Braille Burgers” that used sesame seeds to describe the burger for the blind. Wimpy braille buns would read messages such as, “100% Pure Beef Burger Made For You”, to let someone know they got exactly what their ordered with no surprises.

What better way to deliver the message of the Braille Burgers than to the biggest blind institutions: Braille Services, Blind SA, and Louis Braille House. Here, 15 people were able to experience and taste the handmade braille burgers. While you and I may simply see organized seeds on top of the bun, the blind see a message catered to them that created a world of impact. The smiles and laughter that people had when reading their burgers (above, right) shows just how profound the efforts of Wimpy and the insight of MetropolitanRepublic Johannesburg truly is. By considering the blind in food preparation, Wimpy’s Braille Burgers were praised in blogs and articles written by the blind. From fingertips reading a burger to fingertips writing an article, the Braille Burgers are said to have reached over 800,000 visually impaired individuals. With an estimated 45 million visually impaired people across the globe, Wimpy may be onto something extraordinary.

Wimpy: Braille Burger

Wimpy Braille Burger image and video: Dale Mullany’s YouTube Channel



Fat Fat Attack: Umami Burger

Looking for a great burger? Then add Umami Burger (aka Umami) to your list of places to wear your stretchy pants and pregnant lady shirts. When I tell you this place has an amazing burger I am not exaggerating. Back in the day In-N-Out was the mecca for burgers and then I graduated from high school. Ever since then I’ve been trying to find great burger joints. I found one or two here and there and they remain on the list, but in came Umami Burger who stole first place. I first heard about Umami when GQ named their signature burger, Burger of the Year. I did a little research and it turns out Umami Burger’s founder Adam Fleischman created a hit in 2009. When he opened the first location he served an all American burger with  a unique and savory Japanese taste known as umami. With locations in Hollywood, Los Feliz, Santa Monica, La Brea, Studio City, and soon in San Francisico Umami is hitting California fast and hard. After all of this, I immediately Googled for the closest address and headed over.

As of today I’ve gone to Umami twice. I initially went to Umami in Hollywood and loved it. The second time I thought I would shake it up and try the Umami in Los Feliz. Disclaimer: Please know that I don’t want to talk badly about something, but in this case—I must. My nieces and I went to the Los Feliz Umami and it was a b-a-d bad move. I have never had such bad service at a restaurant in my entire life and I never actually sat down. I was in there for less than 5 minutes and was appalled. The problem with the Los Feliz location was there was “so much going on” that when we walked in not a single hostess or server approached us asking if we’d like to sit. Even if this location was ‘seat yourself’(which it wasn’t), I couldn’t even find someone to tell me that. You may be thinking: why didn’t you just sit down then? Trust me that thought crossed my mind multiple times, but after having such rude service upon entrance I could only imagine that after sitting down the service would either be the same or worse. No thanks. What made the situation worse aside from the service was that I had such great parking and had to give it up. Regardless of how close I was parked, I didn’t care. We got out of that location so fast and went straight to the Hollywood joint.

180 degrees later we were at Umami Burget at Space 15 Twenty, aka heaven. This location had the best service out of almost any fast casual restaurant I’ve visited. The wait was about 20 minutes but it was worth it. This restaurant that has both inside and outside seating is tucked in the ally of Urban Outfitters and TOMS shoes and you’ll find the best food and service ever. The restaurant was packed and the waiters and even manager were on their feet constantly, but they made sure you felt like you were taken care of. Five cool points for you guys. My nieces and I had Ashley and Kari as our waitresses and what caught my eye was that when they had questions, Ashley knelt down to their level to answer their questions. She literally stopped and made sure they understood whatever it was they didn’t know about the food. She paid attention to their concerns. When Kari came around she made sure that anything we needed was done and that everything was perfect—with a bright smile from ear to ear. What else could you want out of employees? Singing and dancing? Well they did that too, another five cool points.

Then our food came. I ordered the SoCal Burger with sweet potato fries (right) and my nieces got the Umami burger (below). The SoCal burger is packed with so much great taste that I fought my hand to put it down. The Umami burger looked like the simplest burger but had so much flavor that it was like it came straight out of left field. And the sweet potato fries with brown sugar were so good I had to get another order and then force myself not to order a third. I even ordered their personal lemon-lime soda Bubble Up which was so good. To top things off, we got the mint and chip ice cream sandwich (below) which was such a good sandwich I am still thinking about it now. I want you to understand how exceptional this food is but the only way to do it is if you drive there yourself. And by ‘there’ I mean to the Hollywood Umami, not the one in Los Feliz.

Umami is my all time favorite burger spot and I will be hitting them up as many times as possible this summer. If after you try this place you still think that In-N-Out, Tommy’s or Bob’s Big Boy has a better burger it’s because your taste buds don’t work. Don’t worry, that just leaves more Umami for those of us with working glands. If you haven’t tried Umami yet, hands down what’s your favorite spot for burgers?

Wanna Check ‘em Out?

1520 N Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90028
(323) 469-3100

Sunday to Thursday—11:00AM to11:00PM
Friday to Saturday—11:00AM to 12:00PM

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