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Oreo Shares it 100th Birthday with You!

Today marks the 100th birthday of Oreo cookies. That’s 100 years of twisting, licking, dunking, and chowing down on Nabisco’s tuxedo style sandwich cookie. To bring in the big day in a big way, Oreo is encouraging the world to make their life a little less serious and “celebrate the kid inside” of them. To do so, Oreo is creating exciting moments around the world through large scale events. Oreo events include a flash mob with a performance by Lady Antebellum at The Grove in LA, fireworks at China’s Shanghai Bund, an Oreo inspired playground in Indonesia, a piñata party in Venezuela, and so much more. If you’re unable to make it to one of the events, you can still participate online. Over the net, Oreo is letting you send a bag of cookies to someone you love, share your own Oreo photos, play in the Oreo Arcade, and so much more. To keep along with the tagline, you can even go to Oreo’s Facebook page and share your own story about how you let your inner child shine. With the “Million Moments Meter”, Oreo tracks all the memorable moments submitted so the entire world can share in all the great Oreo moments people have. It’s a big birthday for the cookie and having events both live and online is a great year to get the celebration in swing!

Oreo 100th Birthday Image: Oreo Website


100 Years of Bill Bernbach – I’ll Drink to That

“Hi, my name is Danielle and I’d like to give a shot out and say happy birthday to Bill Bernarch of DDB!!!”

That’s usually how I sound when I call into radio stations (which is often if you don’t know me) and I figured since today is the birthday of one of advertising’s legends I should send one his way.

Bill Bernbach (August 13, 1911 to October 2, 1982) has been considered one of the most influential individuals in advertising and respected by those who know anything in the industry. As the ‘B’ in advertising agency DDB, Bernbach is not only one of the agency’s founders but the one who created some of the most revolutionary campaigns with products most considered down and out. He’s the man behind the scenes of We Try Harder for Avis Car Rental, Volkswagen’s “Think Small” and “The Bug” ads, and Mikey for Life Cereal (below). The NYC native would have turned 100 today so to say his birthday is merely a “joyful celebration” is an understatement. Take a look over at DDBs website (below) and the homepage has been transformed to honor the legend. From a life telling video, testimonials from top agency executives, and his client work  the site showcases the effect that Bill Bernbach had on instilling creativity and talent that connects with consumers.

While I see him as a true testament to everything powerful and beautiful in advertising and wish I had the opportunity to speak and learn from him…I can’t. However his words and exceptional teaching lives on in books, ads, and commercials across the world, making it just as good…somewhat.

Cheers to your birthday Bernbach! Let’s drink to that.

Bill Bernbach’s Life Cereal Commercial “Mikey”

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