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Get Involved and MAKE KONY FAMOUS!

I was tucked away in bed getting ready to fall asleep when something in my head said, “Look over your news feed one more time.” I grabbed my phone, hit Facebook and scrolled through updates when I saw a friend post something about “KONY”. Unfamiliar with it, I decided to click on it and find out what the late night fuss was about when I was directed to a 30 minute video titled “KONY 2012” (below). God knows at 1:30 in the morning I had no plans to watch a 30 minute video on my phone but I gave it a chance. Unsure of the point of the film, I waited and waited and then like a ton of bricks I got the message loud and clear:


The Background.
In the 30 minute film, you’re given access to activism at its finest. Director Jason Russell (right) introduces you to the unthinkable 26 year-long crime in Uganda carried out by Joseph Kony (above) and his rebel group the Lord Resistance Army (L.R.A.). Under Kony’s dictatorship, the army has kidnapped and brainwashed over 30,000 children, turning girls into sex slaves and boys into child soldiers who are forced to mutilate people’s faces and kill their own parents. Kony’s violent impact to the people of Uganda has been so severe that he is currently #1 on the International Criminal Court list of the world’s worst criminals based on the severity of his crimes. To bring it all home, Jason shows his friendship with a Ugandan teen named Jacob and the detrimental impact the L.R.A has had on his life. Jason promises to find a way to bring down Kony. That promise developed into an organization which Jason co-founded called Invisible Children and global movement known as KONY 2012.

KONY 2012

The Dilemma.
If more people in the world vocalized their desire to have Kony stopped, he would have been arrested by now. Even though the U.S. government is aware of Kony, they’ve remained at a distance to some degree since “our national security or interest is not at stake”. But human life is at stake. Think about this happening to your little siblings, cousins, children, or even you pet being abducted and placed in the same conditions as these kids. When the roles are switched and the scenario affects you, it becomes a problem. Jason explains it effortlessly by saying, “Where you live shouldn’t determine whether you live”. No longer waiting on the government, Individual Children and its supporters have made great strides to advance and protect Ugandan communities by building schools, creating jobs, and installing radio networks to update them in preparation for an attack. But it hasn’t been enough because Kony is remains and can still abduct children and kill innocent people. The only way to send troops into Uganda with the technology and equipment necessary to find and arrest Kony we must show that we want him to be stopped.

The Deal.
The only way to send troops to Uganda is to spread the word by joining the KONY 2012 global movement. I am beyond awestruck by this movement. With ‘life’ as the motivator of the campaign, KONY 2012 is a perfectly crafted global marketing campaign that some of the biggest brands couldn’t design let alone receive such engagement for people. It’s marketing and advertising that weaves into viral, grassroots, guerrilla, experiential, word of mouth, promotion, mobile, print, sales, non-profit, and interactive avenues. Invisible Children has hit it on the head in every medium and it is possibly the best of its kind. In its totality, this campaign has created a movement that has the potential to define a generation, end injustice, and rehabilitate lives.

Your Part.
In order to arrest Kony, you must show that you want him arrested by voicing your opinion. What makes this unique is that Invisible Children is asking you to make Kony famous in order to bring him down. While Invisible Children is targeting culture and policy makers like musicians, celebrities, and political figures to bring him down you can spread the word to your friends. In the hyper social media world that we live in today, you are an update, tweet, and hash tag away from getting the Kony message out to more people.  Even better is that you can spread the movement everywhere you go by purchasing posters ($5, above) or the Kony 2012 Action Kit ($30) through the Invisible Children Store. The kit includes posters, stickers, buttons, a t-shirt and a Kony bracelet(left). All the work executed by the organization, myself, and of course you will come together one night in April.

Cover the Night Event.
On Friday April 20th, 2012 Invisible Children wants everyone to blanket every street in every city at sundown in the Cover the Night Event (below). As the world goes to sleep, supporters will stay out throughout the night covering their city with Kony paraphernalia so the world wakes up to their city standing up for a cause. This movement plans to create a flash mob, but realistically a flash mob is what you see in Times Square when Gap wants to show off their work out pants via dance. Instead I like to think of what the Invisible Children plan to do as a Blazing Horde!!! It will use as many people as possible to demand attention, action, justice all to make Kony famous.

Do It.
Kony must be made known worldwide and every blog post, status update, tweet, or conversation helps. If you can voice your opinion about your political beliefs or take a picture of your dinner, then you most certainly can devote your voice to make Kony famous.

Watch the film, become a part of the movement, and spread the word. I know I have and I will!

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Joseph Kony Image: CNN World Website
Jason Russell Image: Social Register UK
KONY 2012 video and bracelet and Cover the Night image: Invisible Children YouTube Channel
KONY 2012 Poster: Invisible Children Tumblr Page


Mothers Have a New Campaign Against Drunk Driving

In 2000, The Economic Impact of Motor Vehicle Crashes put out a remarkable stat that stated, “Every minute, one person is injured from an alcohol-related crash” (via MADD). Interestingly enough, that stat only tells the beginning of the story and rarely translates much about what happens as a result. With information such as that and much alike, the folks at Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) in the Emonton, Canada area took action. The Irving, Texas based non-profit organization has worked to instill a stricter alcohol policy and prohibit drunk driving since 1980 and now has a print campaign and video to get their message out.  Working with the Canadian full service agency FREE (formerly McRobbie Optamedia), MADD was given the Stick Family Campaign. In the new endeavor, MADD shifts focus from drunk drivers and focuses on the family of those affected. The campaign makes use of the decal stick figures you find on the back of vehicles and animates them to illustrate what happens after a tragic event has occurred. What makes this an interesting campaign is that when we tend to think of drunk driving we usually reference the driver and the person injured, this campaign makes you take into consideration the relatives who lost a loved one. The campaign is designed to make you think critically about a serious situation because, as the commercial shows, it has long and devastating effects.

MADD Edmonton & Area: Stick Family Campaign

MADD Edmonton & Area: Stick Family Campaign images: Ads of the World
MADD Edmonton & Area: Stick Family Campaign video: FREE Vimeo Channel


Wimpy (South Africa) Makes Burgers with a Message

I love cheeseburgers to death. If I were given one item to eat for the rest of my life it would be a cheeseburger. Whether it’s In-N-Out or Umami I need a burger in my life at least once a week to feel satisfied. So anytime I hear something about a burger or a burger company I get somewhat excited. That was a lie, I get really excited. My excitement hit a high note when I saw the initiative that was created for Wimpy in South Africa. The U.K. based fast food company got its start back in Chicago in the 1930s and has grown to having locations across the world including over 500 franchised restaurants in South Africa since 1967. To ideate something unique, they went to 3 year old agency MetropolitanRepublic Johannesburg. Led by creative director Wes Phelan, the agency created “Braille Burgers” that used sesame seeds to describe the burger for the blind. Wimpy braille buns would read messages such as, “100% Pure Beef Burger Made For You”, to let someone know they got exactly what their ordered with no surprises.

What better way to deliver the message of the Braille Burgers than to the biggest blind institutions: Braille Services, Blind SA, and Louis Braille House. Here, 15 people were able to experience and taste the handmade braille burgers. While you and I may simply see organized seeds on top of the bun, the blind see a message catered to them that created a world of impact. The smiles and laughter that people had when reading their burgers (above, right) shows just how profound the efforts of Wimpy and the insight of MetropolitanRepublic Johannesburg truly is. By considering the blind in food preparation, Wimpy’s Braille Burgers were praised in blogs and articles written by the blind. From fingertips reading a burger to fingertips writing an article, the Braille Burgers are said to have reached over 800,000 visually impaired individuals. With an estimated 45 million visually impaired people across the globe, Wimpy may be onto something extraordinary.

Wimpy: Braille Burger

Wimpy Braille Burger image and video: Dale Mullany’s YouTube Channel



Ads From the World: Trelawny, Jamaica

Part of my lack of updating, aside from focusing on school and being without a functional laptop, was because I took a quick trip to Trelawny, Jamaica. Since I am Jamaican-American I love the chance to go back to my family’s “homeland” as much as possible. While this recent trip was planned prior to my unemployment, it came just in time to forget about my unemployment. As I was going to Jamaica primarily for my cousin’s wedding, my advertising bulb turned on and I thought about capturing some of the ads on the island. I didn’t want to pull some American generated ads displayed in Jamaica. Instead I wanted to see ads brands created to communicate with Jamaicans, photograph them, and blog about them for you all to see. From the street to the club and from the well known brands to the unknown I grabbed as many ads that my camera could catch.

To take a look at the ads from a different world for yourself, visit the Facebook album!


Trelawny Pepsi Ad Image: Danielle Salmon


Nestle’s Contrex Water Gives You a Sexy Reason to Exercise

If you’ve checked out the previous post, you know I have so much free time at my disposal. In making use of that time I visit the gym on a regular basis. Not because I’m getting a head start on my 2012 summer body, but because I need something to balance all the coffee I get from The Coffee Bean and Starbucks. With my new exercising regime I find myself inhaling water. Just in time for my new H20 obsession comes a new ad for Nestle Water’s global brand, Contrex.

Nestle Water (France) pulled in the advertising agency Marcel (Paris) to make an experiential and ambient campaign for its Contrex water. Contrex has been out and about since 1945 and in over 35 countries. As the natural water for the weight conscious individual, Contrex creates campaigns around its tag, “Slimming doesn’t have to be boring. Contrex, my slimming partner.” With that at the forefront, Marcel created the Contrexperience to give users an experience along with drinking Contrex. On the streets of Paris, Marcel set up exercise bikes connected to lights that when all the bikes were in use would power a dancing male stripper. To keep the bikers’ attention the stripper would do a little dance and get down to the continued pedaling of the bikers. The dancer becomes a great distraction from the workout and the participants soon realize how easy and exciting it was to lose a few calories. Showing the video in the center of the city for everyone to experience or partake in was a great way to bring about excitement, motivate people to work out, and hydrate them with Contrex. It’s fun for the participants, creative for the brand, and a win for the agency.

Free water and a show? I’ll exercise for that.


Contrex Contrexperience Image: ContrexFR YouTube Channel
Contrex Contrexperience Video: ContrexFR YouTube Channel

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