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Get Involved and MAKE KONY FAMOUS!

I was tucked away in bed getting ready to fall asleep when something in my head said, “Look over your news feed one more time.” I grabbed my phone, hit Facebook and scrolled through updates when I saw a friend post something about “KONY”. Unfamiliar with it, I decided to click on it and find out what the late night fuss was about when I was directed to a 30 minute video titled “KONY 2012” (below). God knows at 1:30 in the morning I had no plans to watch a 30 minute video on my phone but I gave it a chance. Unsure of the point of the film, I waited and waited and then like a ton of bricks I got the message loud and clear:


The Background.
In the 30 minute film, you’re given access to activism at its finest. Director Jason Russell (right) introduces you to the unthinkable 26 year-long crime in Uganda carried out by Joseph Kony (above) and his rebel group the Lord Resistance Army (L.R.A.). Under Kony’s dictatorship, the army has kidnapped and brainwashed over 30,000 children, turning girls into sex slaves and boys into child soldiers who are forced to mutilate people’s faces and kill their own parents. Kony’s violent impact to the people of Uganda has been so severe that he is currently #1 on the International Criminal Court list of the world’s worst criminals based on the severity of his crimes. To bring it all home, Jason shows his friendship with a Ugandan teen named Jacob and the detrimental impact the L.R.A has had on his life. Jason promises to find a way to bring down Kony. That promise developed into an organization which Jason co-founded called Invisible Children and global movement known as KONY 2012.

KONY 2012

The Dilemma.
If more people in the world vocalized their desire to have Kony stopped, he would have been arrested by now. Even though the U.S. government is aware of Kony, they’ve remained at a distance to some degree since “our national security or interest is not at stake”. But human life is at stake. Think about this happening to your little siblings, cousins, children, or even you pet being abducted and placed in the same conditions as these kids. When the roles are switched and the scenario affects you, it becomes a problem. Jason explains it effortlessly by saying, “Where you live shouldn’t determine whether you live”. No longer waiting on the government, Individual Children and its supporters have made great strides to advance and protect Ugandan communities by building schools, creating jobs, and installing radio networks to update them in preparation for an attack. But it hasn’t been enough because Kony is remains and can still abduct children and kill innocent people. The only way to send troops into Uganda with the technology and equipment necessary to find and arrest Kony we must show that we want him to be stopped.

The Deal.
The only way to send troops to Uganda is to spread the word by joining the KONY 2012 global movement. I am beyond awestruck by this movement. With ‘life’ as the motivator of the campaign, KONY 2012 is a perfectly crafted global marketing campaign that some of the biggest brands couldn’t design let alone receive such engagement for people. It’s marketing and advertising that weaves into viral, grassroots, guerrilla, experiential, word of mouth, promotion, mobile, print, sales, non-profit, and interactive avenues. Invisible Children has hit it on the head in every medium and it is possibly the best of its kind. In its totality, this campaign has created a movement that has the potential to define a generation, end injustice, and rehabilitate lives.

Your Part.
In order to arrest Kony, you must show that you want him arrested by voicing your opinion. What makes this unique is that Invisible Children is asking you to make Kony famous in order to bring him down. While Invisible Children is targeting culture and policy makers like musicians, celebrities, and political figures to bring him down you can spread the word to your friends. In the hyper social media world that we live in today, you are an update, tweet, and hash tag away from getting the Kony message out to more people.  Even better is that you can spread the movement everywhere you go by purchasing posters ($5, above) or the Kony 2012 Action Kit ($30) through the Invisible Children Store. The kit includes posters, stickers, buttons, a t-shirt and a Kony bracelet(left). All the work executed by the organization, myself, and of course you will come together one night in April.

Cover the Night Event.
On Friday April 20th, 2012 Invisible Children wants everyone to blanket every street in every city at sundown in the Cover the Night Event (below). As the world goes to sleep, supporters will stay out throughout the night covering their city with Kony paraphernalia so the world wakes up to their city standing up for a cause. This movement plans to create a flash mob, but realistically a flash mob is what you see in Times Square when Gap wants to show off their work out pants via dance. Instead I like to think of what the Invisible Children plan to do as a Blazing Horde!!! It will use as many people as possible to demand attention, action, justice all to make Kony famous.

Do It.
Kony must be made known worldwide and every blog post, status update, tweet, or conversation helps. If you can voice your opinion about your political beliefs or take a picture of your dinner, then you most certainly can devote your voice to make Kony famous.

Watch the film, become a part of the movement, and spread the word. I know I have and I will!

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Joseph Kony Image: CNN World Website
Jason Russell Image: Social Register UK
KONY 2012 video and bracelet and Cover the Night image: Invisible Children YouTube Channel
KONY 2012 Poster: Invisible Children Tumblr Page


It’s Not a Bird! It’s Not a Plane! It’s “Chronicle”?

If you want to catch a movie about unnecessarily angry middle class teens with super telekinetic and flying powers where 33% of the trio takes said anger out on the local population, then Chronicle just might be your pick. The preview of 20th Century Fox’s action/drama coming out February 3rd may not lead you to believe the movie is eye catching, but one thing that is for sure is a stunt delivered by the movie company’s marketing agency Thinkmodo. Thinkmodo is a New York based marketing agency that specializes in creating campaigns that hit an intersection of on-the-street and viral and get people talking. They’re the folks behind iPad Head Girl and The Shaving Helmet which received national TV play, but especially on one of my favorites Tosh.0.

To promote Chronicle, the Thinkmodo team focused on an attribute of its three characters: the teens flying. Across the NYC midday sky, they took three custom aircrafts shaped as people and let them fly freely. Up close it’s easy to tell that they are motorized craft pieces, but when circling the Statue of Liberty or city high rises you’ll stop for a second thinking people really can fly. Of course Thinkmodo recorded their attention grabbing activity and cut it into a video. With Tom Quick’s “Unstoppable 2” playing with the video, they uploaded it to YouTube and people caught hold of it; so many so that the video has over 1.3 million views in just 24 hours. While it’s too early to say whether it will increase ticket sales for the flick it isn’t too early to say that the work is definitely a conversation piece. Cool work to the Thinkmodo team for sure.

“Flying People in New York City”

“Flying People in New York City” image and video: ChronicleNYC YouTube Channel


Virgin America’s Distraction from the In-Flight Woes

If in the last few days you didn’t get your Salmon Like the Fish fix, I apologize. I ran away from LA and went to Chicago for a few days. On my Virgin America flight I was surrounded by whining children and screaming babies that made my eggs and ovaries self destruct. Aside from kids screaming murder in 12B/16F/17A/25A, there is a slight grin across my face as I’m typing away the words that you’re reading (or skimming) on a Google Chromebook by Samsung (right). No I didn’t become a baller to have a this piece of tech to use on the few trips I take in a year. Instead, I’m just lucky enough to be on a Virgin America flight during its cool promotion. Let me explain.

In June, Virgin America announced that it teamed up with Google Inc. to give its guests the ultimate airline experience. In doing so, Virgin America is providing guests with complimentary wi-fi enabled devices better known as the Google Chromebook. From June 30th to September 30th, 2011 select Virgin America gates will house the Chrome Zone lounge (left). Here, travelers can sign up and receive a personal Chromebook to use on their flight. Imagine with me if you will: your sitting on a great flight but next to you is that guy whose drool oddly lands on your shoulder; you can stare at his huck mouth for the rest of the flight or  you can distract yourself by surfing the net on the Chromebook. Um, Chromebook for one please.

To get one from the Chrome Zone, all you have to do is enter some info, slide your credit card (in case you think of running off with it), hold your hands out, grab the Chromebook, and walk away. Easy enough right? The whole ‘yes’ to approving the promotion was to enhance the in flight experience for Virgin America guests. Word of mouth about the airline screams that Virgin is the most unique and customer focused airline that takes flying to the next level. After flying with them, I can support that. But this temporary Chromebook promotion is a great way to get first time Chromebook users to try out the device, but also to give Virgin America guests one more thing to make traveling better. While I can’t make the plane fly faster or let my seat lay back any further, I can use my Chromebook as an inviting distraction. Porter Gale, Vice President of Marketing for Virgin America described the purpose of the promotion by saying,

“Our goal has always been to use the best in technology to reinvent the travel experience – and help bring some fun back to flying.”

Goal achieved.

I’ve never used a Chromebook before, but having this distraction from a kid screaming behind me about why he can’t fly the plane is like anesthia before a root canal. Thank-you God! In just the few moments that I play with it, I can already see many differences between it and a regular laptop. Please know, I’m fully aware that it is not a regular computer so certain features will be MIA. Take for instance, the ‘home’, ‘end’, and ‘pageup/down’ keys. Not a big deal until the minute you want to jump to the top of a page in one click. With some missing keys, there are also a few confusing ones. Certain keys have icons that I’ve never seen which require studying before doing, not always my forte. Until then, these icons make me feel as if I’m reading hieroglyphics. Lastly, the mouse pad requires some learning as well, it’s not the simple ‘left click’ ‘right click’ but a five step read to know exactly how to maneuver. Final issue is that half of the time when I’m on the net I need to write in a document. Yes, there’s Google Docs (wrote this in it), but realistically, it’s just not as easy to use as MS Word. It’s like writing in Notepad…and we know how great that is.

But there is an upside. The breath of air after realizing you can’t swim is I can use the internet when on the plane. The whole purpose of the Chromebook, internet at 10k miles and more above ground, just may outweigh all of its initial drawbacks. Think about it, I’m thousands of feet above ground and I’m on Facebook, AdWeek, Necole Bitchie, and my blog (right). I’m not doing anything important but I am doing it in the clouds and for free. This exclusive deal is available only on Virgin America so if you can try it out, I suggest you do so especially since there’s nothing for you to lose. In under five minutes you can grab the Chromebook from your gate and use it when in air. You get to be online and can fully ignore that whippersnapper screaming his life away next to you. What a sigh of relief, thank you Jesus and thank you Virgin America for the promotion!

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