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Mad Men Season 5 Poster Revealed!

The Emmy and Golden Globe award winning dramatic series Mad Men is back with its fifth season this March 25. The 1960s based show on AMC starring Don Draper (John Hamm) takes you deeper into the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce advertising agency and all the shenanigans around the company and its employees. While Draftfcb’s “Falling Man” campaign of outdoor and print ads have been around mimicking the opening credits, the new poster was revealed this morning on Mad Men’s Twitter page. Pulling in Draper himself, the new poster combines the show’s “style, debauchery, deception, adultery, and jealousy” in one clean shot. With print and TV promos released, the ads aim to entice viewers to tune in for the 2-hour premiere. It’s working on me and I’m definitely going to watch, but what do you think about the ads?

On Air Trailer: Mad Men is Back

Mad Men poster: Mad Men website
On Air Trailer—Mad Men is Back commercial: AMC YouTube channel


Mothers Have a New Campaign Against Drunk Driving

In 2000, The Economic Impact of Motor Vehicle Crashes put out a remarkable stat that stated, “Every minute, one person is injured from an alcohol-related crash” (via MADD). Interestingly enough, that stat only tells the beginning of the story and rarely translates much about what happens as a result. With information such as that and much alike, the folks at Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) in the Emonton, Canada area took action. The Irving, Texas based non-profit organization has worked to instill a stricter alcohol policy and prohibit drunk driving since 1980 and now has a print campaign and video to get their message out.  Working with the Canadian full service agency FREE (formerly McRobbie Optamedia), MADD was given the Stick Family Campaign. In the new endeavor, MADD shifts focus from drunk drivers and focuses on the family of those affected. The campaign makes use of the decal stick figures you find on the back of vehicles and animates them to illustrate what happens after a tragic event has occurred. What makes this an interesting campaign is that when we tend to think of drunk driving we usually reference the driver and the person injured, this campaign makes you take into consideration the relatives who lost a loved one. The campaign is designed to make you think critically about a serious situation because, as the commercial shows, it has long and devastating effects.

MADD Edmonton & Area: Stick Family Campaign

MADD Edmonton & Area: Stick Family Campaign images: Ads of the World
MADD Edmonton & Area: Stick Family Campaign video: FREE Vimeo Channel


Kate Upton is Having the Best Week Ever

Well maybe not ever, but it’s probably the best week this month. Aside from being announced as the cover model for Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit magazine on Monday, supermodel Kate Upton just landed a commercial deal with Carl’s Jr. & Hardees (aka Carl’s Jr.). The 19 year old Michigan native is the beauty in the upcoming commercial for Carl’s Jr.  Southwest Patty Melt (below). Since the 70+ year old restaurant chain has positioned its U.S. commercials heavily to men, incorporating some of the country’s hottest women has always been a focal point in their ads. Previous faces have included Kim Kardashian and most recently Gizem Mimec (Ms. Turkey). Now that Kate is the cover girl of Sport’s Illustrated swimsuit edition, it looks like Carl’s Jr. pulled the year’s best woman for the new job.

To create the ad, Carl’s Jr. agency 72andsunny went to IMG Models (New York) to negotiate a deal of Kate working for the fast food restaurant chain. Although the commercial won’t air until late this month, both Carl’s Jr. and 72andsunny have dropped the behind the scenes video (below) to get you amped for the finished product. What you get from the sneak peak is more than Kate eating the burger, but a look at the strategy to create the spot. To tell the story of the all American style patty melt, 72andsunny gives you a 50s inspired commercial set at a drive in movie theater. Kate came into play primarily for her sex appeal, but also because of her “American qualities” that were evident during her work with Guess back in 2010. Combine it all together and you can drool over Kate as she seductively eats the spicy patty melt with jalapenos atop a vintage car from various angles. Filmed in Los Angeles, Glenn Cole, Chief Creative Officer at 72andsunny, explained that “if Kate Upton is not giving young hungry guys what they want, I don’t know what young hungry guys want.”

So what do you think, the does the sneak peak look hot or not?

Behind the Scenes: Kate Upton Commercial for Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s

“Behind the Scenes: Kate Upton Commercial for Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s” image and video: Carl’s Jr. YouTube Channel


What Were They Thinking (Again!): Cousins Edition

Los Angeles agency Cousins is back on the “What Were They Thinking (WWTT)” list for their second speculative (spec) ad. If you don’t know their first ad, Skittles “Newlyweds”, then you can check the  “WWTT: Cousins Edition” post and see what got them on the list in the first place. While there was so much attention around the ad, keep in mind that a spec is a piece of work created for a brand that hasn’t actually approved it. The point of the ad is simply to showcase an agency’s creative capabilities with a goal of gaining profitable business. In hopes of showcasing their developed capabilities, Cousins decided to create a sequel to the “Newlyweds” spec. Working with One Lung Films, they bring you ‘Reese’s Pieces “Love Child”’ (right and below).

After the “romantic” honeymoon Skittles sex in the “Newlywed” ad, you get to fast forward 9 months to the delivery of Austin and Ashley’s candy baby. SPOILER ALERT: He’s not the father. With all the makings of a Maury episode, Cousins gives you infidelity and baby momma drama surrounding a Reese’s pieces—not a Skittle. Surprise! Sweet Ashely was cheating on loving Austin with Craig the guido.

So here’s why they’re on this list…

When you look at the ad, you do get some nice technology and s semi funny spot—but it’s not effective. Tim Nudd of says it nicely by stating “Spec work seems to be their specialty”, but realistically they don’t do much else. The thing is, even though their work goes viral and gets publicity it’s profitably unsuccessful. You get millions of views and you’re featured in major adverting sites, yet you don’t get even a mid-size client and you only have 400 Facebook followers. Hmmm…doesn’t sound good. If it didn’t get you clients the first time, what makes you think that upping the technology and recreating the same spec is going to do the trick? On top of that you keep making these ads for brands that don’t sync with the message. If you’re so tied to this crazy plot, wouldn’t it make sense to use a relevant brand? Maybe Hustler would have made more sense, incorporating Maury Povich would have been hilarious, and they would show you can think strategically. Creating something that doesn’t connect won’t yield a profit and doesn’t positively build your brand. If your capabilities are only praised by YouTubers and not seen worthwhile by potentially lucrative clients…then what are you thinking?

Reese’s Pieces “Love Child” (Extended Cut)

Reese’s Pieces “Love Child” (Extended Cut) image and ad: Cousins Vimeo page


Target’s Ad Puts the Fans in The Grammy’s

I’m not a fan of taking the bus because I run into too many crazies and I’m trapped trying to ignore them until my stop. Worst of all is when there’s someone who sings and won’t shut up; it makes me want to slap them with a bag of bus tokens. But when I saw Target’s commercial for The Grammy’s I put aside my dislike for the locos on my MTA ride—temporarily. Portland based ad agency Wieden+Kennedy (W+K) created a musically themed campaign for the discount retail chain that I adore! Having a tagline of, “Fans who know [musician name here] best know the best place to buy the album”, W+K pulled some of the musician’s vocally gifted fans and put them in a commercial. While W+K created multiple spots for the campaign, my frontrunner is the “Rolling in the Deep” ad (below) inspired by Adele’s hit. In a flash song style, W+K lets a young girl and an outstanding set of backup singers sing the British songstress’ 2010 breakup hit on, you guessed it, a bus. The adorable 11 year-old whose chops catch your attention is Denise Bestman (right) of the elementary school chorus from Public School 22 (PS22) of Staten Island, NY.

PS22’s 64 student singers received nationwide attention when they closed the 2011 Academy Awards. Denise’s vocal ability was seen then and most specifically when she sang the “Rolling in the Deep” track with the PS22 choir (below). It was that video that had Target and W+K put her in the commercial. Seeing as she is a talented singer who may be on track to a musical career, being featured for such a big brand during music’s biggest night is a great opportunity and offers significant visibility for the teen. Working with Denise in the promotion Adele’s albums through Target was a great idea and it lives up to the simple and straightforward message of the commercial. You have a fan, you have vocal ability, you have the track in mind, and Target as the locale for purchase at the end of it all. It’s easy to grasp and that’s all that is needed for Target to get its point across. It instills in music lovers the idea that because Target can make such a great ad, maybe it is the place to buy music. On top of that, you don’t see similar commercials from big box retailers like Wal-Mart suggesting you buy music from them. Interesting…

The only thing that was missing from this commercial, the only thing I wanted, was a download of the fan’s full cover in the Target spots. If Target had it so people could download the cover sung by the fans, I feel like the commercial would have left the TV medium and could truly become a music campaign. Especially having the song available on the Target site would have been a great way to get more traffic to the company website and to show that Target really understands both music and the wants of music lovers. This says to me as the music aficionado that even though Target sells music, it’s willing to give me access to an exclusive track just for visiting the site.  And what music lover doesn’t want free music?

Now that this spot is out, I just pray that more people won’t start singing on the bus in hopes of having the same luck as Denise. If they do, my bag of tokens won’t be far.

“Rolling in the Deep” Ad

PS22 Chorus “Rolling in the Deep”

Target “Rolling in the Deep” image and commercial: Target YouTube Channel
PS22 Chorus “Rolling in the Deep”: agreggofsociety YouTube Channel


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Brands Boheiman Rhapsody Back to Life

As I typed this, I watched Adele take stage and sing her surgically restored vocal chords out to my content. In between her performance and those I could do without I caught the commercials. I have a fond inclination to them as I believe the brands that pay for spots during the show will (should) make a sincere effort to have some sort of music theme associated with them, and I wasn’t let down.

The first musically inspired commercial that I fell head over heels for was for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. The newest hotel to the Vegas Strip, The Cosmopolitan boasts of its luxuriously edgy and unique persona that has exquisite taste in the hottest music. I’ve been in love with this hotel and dying to stay there since reading about their development, ventures, and marketing in articles from PR Newswire and interviews with CEO John Unwin. Aside from their architectural and design appeal, what has made them stand out since their grand opening back-slash New Year’s Eve party to today, is their concert roster of the biggest in music. Artist who have performed on The Cosmopolitan stages include Adele, Jay-Z & Kanye West, Coldplay, Stevie Wonder, Deadmau5, Mayer Hawthorne, the Smashing Pumpkins, and so many more. So for them to have a music spot during the Grammy’s is a seamless fit.

For their commercial during the 2012 Grammy award show, The Cosmopolitan went to their advertising agency Fallon (Minneapolis). The folks at Fallon are the same creative team that created the “Just Amount of Wrong” campaign to debut the brand in 2010. Falling right in line with the campaign, Fallon created the “Let Go” commercial: 61 seconds of Queen’s 1975 legendary “Bohemian Rhapsody” poolside at The Cosmopolitan. While I thought Mountain Dew would be the only brand to successfully use this song, The Cosmopolitan did a great job at it using it so effectively that it branded the song back to life (just dropped a SLTF term there). Basically, the song hadn’t been used properly by a brand in over a decade until The Cosmopolitan brought (branded) it back to life for their compay. Using the lyrics to the song as the script for the spot, the commercial evolves from the dark, mysterious, and sexy commercials it initially made to give you a bright, humorous, and still sexy commercial. The angry trio of men (above), the high note hit by the young gentlemen, the crowd breaking out into bits of the song, and the gorgeous view of the sunlit hotel are perfect and come just in time for summer. What is left unknown after watching the spot is exactly what happens when the woman leaves after opening her note. I can only pray that this commercial leads to a series of connecting spots that all tell the story through song. Building the brand this way only reaffirms The Cosmopolitan’s connection to music and reminds people to book a unique room with the hotel and to check out a concert. For myself, it’s motivation to finally save up the cash and road trip down with some friends to submerge in The Cosmopolitan experience that they entice me with in all their commercials. Adding it to my bucket list until then!

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas “Let Me Go” Commercial

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas “Let Me Go” image and commercial: The Cosmopolitan of LV YouTube Channel


The 54th Grammy’s Visual TV Spots

The Grammy’s are on tonight and I am excited!! “Why?” you ask, because I love music. Even more, this award show is essential to music lovers like myself because it rewards the best musical artists, it’s the stage of seemingly oddly paired performances, and most importantly: Adele will be singing. I repeat: I am excited.

Fueling my excitement have been the commercials for the show that play simply to tease me until show time. To do so, the Recording Academy went to TBWA/Chiat/Day in Los Angeles who it worked with on previous Grammy marketing campaigns for the past 5 years. For the 2012 show, the commercials were developed as the spots for the show’s “We Are Music” campaign. In the TV spots, TBWA/Chiat/Day worked with several visual effects companies to orchestrate commercials featuring some of the best musicians and showcasing the emotions of their specific tracks.

To create what you see in the Adele and Bon Iver spots (below), TBWA/Chiat/Day worked with the Moving Picture Company to bring out the angst in Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” and the solemn attributes of Bon Iver’s “Holocene” all through colorful pixels and a motion graphics. For the Foo Fighters spot, TBWA/Chiat/Day teamed up with Wolf & Crow who brought to life the rebellious and energetic feel of the bands’ track, “Bridge Burning”. Topping off the commercials, the final spot featuring Skrillex was done with Pixomondo, as the brains behind the graphic execution. Simon Mowbray, Pixomondo Creative Director, created an abstract dance piece with a goal to convey a message in a way that “looks like [a] liquid mercury dance.” Finally, taking a chemistry class in undergrad becomes useful!

I dig these spots because they are incredibly vibrant, stunning, and the use and emphasis of pixels are immensely unique. Aligning liquid movement with the music is impeccable, giving each commercial a personality alongside the track brings it to life, and the momentum in the music only builds anticipation for the show.  The detailed and precise work led by TBWA/Chiat/Day and the contributing companies is perfect and I can only hope the show can match what they delivered.

Adele #WeAreMusic – 54th GRAMMY Awards

Bon Iver #WeAreMusic – 54th GRAMMY Awards

Foo Fighters #WeAreMusic – 54th GRAMMY Awards

Skrillex #WeAreMusic – 54th GRAMMY Awards

“We Are Music” image and videos:
The Grammys YouTube Channel

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